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How to decorate the beauty salon? Beauty salon decoration precautions


Amy is the nature of every woman, then the beauty salon is our best and most frequent place. Today, the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian does not introduce how to make beauty, let us introduce how to decorate the beauty salon . What are the precautions when decorating a beauty salon? I hope that I can help everyone, and the beauty salon is well decorated. Then we will have a very different mood when we go to the beauty salon.

First, how to decorate the beauty salon?

1. Appearance decoration, exterior decoration includes decoration of doors, windows, walls and door words. At present, the doors and windows used as the door are mostly made of stainless steel or titanium plate, with large glass windows and glass doors inside, and the glass window can be decorated with beautiful images to increase transparency and advertising effects. Walls come in many forms, such as polished and raw marble veneers, and tile veneers. There are many forms and materials in the door. Nowadays, there are light box-style embedded lights, which are very eye-catching. Stainless steel or copper characters, lined with marble walls, good effect, and grades; glass fiber letters, neon lights, etc. A variety of forms can be used to decorate the store's logo in the appropriate location. In addition, the installation of the marker light at the door is also an indispensable item.

2, the floor decoration, the stone is placed at the doorway as a good stone, suitable for large flow use. Choose from a variety of materials such as matte, glossy and non-slip. The material and color should be coordinated with the exterior wall.

3, the foyer area, the foyer area should be full of light, bright colors, with a simple and eye-catching service desk, can be used with the light pool shape to create a relatively independent space. The service desk and showcase should be simple and practical. The service desk can be decorated with fireproof wood veneer and decorated with metal or wooden lines. The showcase can be divided into a number of spaces, with small spotlights and back lighting, beautifully packaged cosmetics or beautiful images and prizes with lightbox effects.

4. High-altitude decoration: It is better to lay stone or ceramic tile at the entrance, suitable for large flow operation. Choose from a variety of materials such as matte, glossy and non-slip. The material and color should be in harmony with the exterior wall.

Second, beauty salon decoration matters needing attention

1. Experience: Can the interior designer quickly understand the investor's problem and quickly put forward the rationalization proposal, and whether the relevant building structure is understood, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the decoration construction, solve the construction problem and be closely related to the actual situation. Such as the style of the building, the understanding of the surrounding environment, the wall energy, the degree of influence of the beam on the space, the unreasonable water supply and drainage, the air conditioning system, the termite prevention... see if there are enough cases and the experience is rich.

2, creativity: In the process of talking with you, whether it can look at the architectural plan according to some of your circumstances, can freely, quickly and accurately conceive, use the pen to sketch out the main design, and explain its design intent.

3. Culture: The interior designer's understanding of culture, the rational use of style genre, and the concept design plan can make the decoration level more high-level, thus meeting the needs of different levels of consumers.

4, personality: the only life is from the designer does not have a personality level. Regardless of the choice of good or bad, all decorated up, it seems to be a good service for investors, in fact, is not responsible for the investor. The works designed by individual designers can make your beauty salon space decoration different from other beauty salon decoration effects, and have the feeling of “measurement”.

5. Comprehensive cost: The interior designer's understanding of the decorative color of the decorative materials and the construction technology of the decoration project price, the deeper the more reasonable the arrangement of the investor's funds, the decorative materials for the interior design services, the saving of materials, the effective selection of materials, and reasonable Substitution, construction process control, saving money for investors and maximizing intrinsic value.

How to decorate the beauty salon, and the precautions when decorating the beauty salon, I will introduce it to you here. I hope that the introduction of Xiaobian can help, if you want to open a beauty salon, if you want to know more about home improvement information, Please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.


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